Hashim Uddin Ahmed PhD, FRCS(Urol), BM, BCh (Oxon),


  Hashim Uddin Ahmed PhD,

Professor Hashim Ahmed is currently Chair of Urology at Imperial College London. Hashim is an internationally renowned expert in prostate cancer diagnosis, imaging and biopsy as well as minimally invasive therapies for prostate cancer such as HIFU and cryotherapy – either whole-gland or focal therapy for primary prostate cancer or radiorecurrent disease. He has taught dozens of surgeons in these techniques in the UK and around the world and given numerous invited international lectures in this area. He has an extensive research portfolio with about £6M in grant income as a principal applicant and co-applicant to a research programme of approximately £14M. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers in areas that have led to key changes in the way we diagnose and treat men with localised prostate cancer.

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Detailed Biography

Hashim qualified from the University of Oxford where he attended St Peters College and Linacre College. Whilst he was a student he was awarded the William Osler Prize in Medicine.

He then held house office posts in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham and University Hospitals Manchester before returning to Oxford for an Anatomy Prosector post. Hashim then held senior house jobs in surgery on the Royal Free Hospital, London rotation followed by specialist registrar posts at West Middlesex Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital/Imperial College, University College Hospital and Watford General Hospital as part of the Imperial College Urology Rotation.

He was a Pelican Cancer Foundation Research Fellow followed by a MRC Clinician Research Training fellowship at University College London at which time a number of imaging and focal therapy trials were started.

His research interests are in Health Technology Evaluation including multi-parametric MRI, Histoscanning, Tissue Type Imaging, as well as therapeutic interventions such as high intensity focused ultrasound, irreversible electroporation, photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and radiofrequency ablation.

He has completed numerous phase I/II clinical trials evaluating the role of focal therapy in prostate cancer and is lead PI and Co-PI in a number of multicentre trials including the UK NIHR-HTA funded study NCRN PROMIS study evaluating the role of multi-parametric MRI in men with a raised PSA using Template Prostate Mapping as the reference standard as well as NCRN INDEX, a multicentre focal therapy study using HIFU with 3 year follow-up and NCRN FORECAST.

He previously held a £1.2M MRC Clinician Scientist Fellowship for 5 years and currently holds a £2M Senior Clinical Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust. His total grant income is £5M as lead applicant and £8M in total as co-applicant.

He has been visiting professor to UCLA, Tokyo and Weill-Cornell universities and has given over 30 plenary lectures at national and international urology, oncology and imaging meetings. The following is a link to one such lecture given at the International Workshop on Focal Therapy and Imaging of Prostate Cancer

He holds a number of committee positions:

- Chair, Localised Disease Subgroup, Prostate Clinical Studies Group, NCRI
- Member, Screening, Prevention, Early Diagnosis (SPED) group, NCRI
- Consulting Editor in Imaging, British Journal of Urology International
- Editorial Board, European Urology journal

Research interests

Prostate Diagnosis using novel imaging and tissue biomarkers
Prostate treatments that reduce the harms of traditional surgery and radiotherapy
Clinical trials and health technology evaluation


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Key papers

- Ahmed HU. The index lesion and the origin of prostate cancer. N Engl J Med. 2009;361(17):1704-6.
- Ahmed HU, Hindley RG, Dickinson L, Freeman A, Kirkham AP, Sahu M, Scott R, Allen C, Van der Meulen J, Emberton M. Focal therapy for localised unifocal and multifocal prostate cancer: a prospective development study. Lancet Oncol. 2012;13(6):622-32.
- Ahmed HU, Arya M, Freeman A, Emberton M. Do low-grade and low-volume prostate cancers bear the hallmarks of malignancy? Lancet Oncol. 2012 Nov;13(11):e509-17.  doi: 10.1016/S1470-2045(12)70388-1.
- Wilt T, Ahmed HU. Screening and treatment of localised prostate cancer. Clinical Review. BMJ (in print, due 2/2/13)

Key Books

Hashim has written and co-authored numerous book chapters and was lead editor for two key books in the field.






Age 42

Marital Status Married

Children 2 boys


Medical School
St Peter's College, Oxford
Linacre College, Oxford

Professor and Chair of Urology, Imperial College London

Consultant Urological Surgeon, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Consultant Urological Surgeon
BUPA Cromwell Hospital


MDU No: 321098D

GMC No: 4771696


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